sunday_morning_sun_cbsIT’S Sunday morning.  I just finished watching the show Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood.  One of the program’s excerpts was about the future of our own evolution.

Showing the old make-believe cartoon of the ape turning into a human, a question mark was inserted asking, “what is next”.  Some experts on genes, mutation and the global integration of different “races” were touted to be the driving force for new informational molecules.    Technology, computers, automation and the likes were the new “natural selective” factors that would determine the new seductive traits a male must have to attract the female for mating.



Nerds have the best chance of procreating in the new wave of human-animal evolution.  Hairlessness seems to be the current trend in human behavioral patterns so this was tossed into the salad bowl of potential traits that would be selected for in the mating pool of features leading to new morphologies of Homo sapiens.



Every line of reasoning, every question asked, every “fact” that was spoken concerning evolution was the purest form of ignorance I have seen in some time.  Evolution has not been witnessed. No new genetic information has ever been characterized.  No gain of any new function has ever been witnessed.  No one has

Blending the skin tones from "races" is not evolution.

Blending the skin tones from “races” is not evolution.

successfully defined what a species actually is, yet evolutionary storytelling goes on as a fact when it is fiction. The interbreeding of what we call races adds nothing to the known genetics of the human population.  It allows variability to increase… re-establishing the blend of genetic potential that once existed in the human population 6000 years ago.  But interbreeding of races, though it seems more frequent today, is not a modern day occurrence.  And scientifically speaking “races” do not exist among humans.   Isolated breeding populations have created the black, white and yellow traits of skin color and various other minor anatomic and literally superficial differences between us all.  Interbreeding, if it can be called that, will create a healthier human population on a global scale but this has NOTHING to do with evolution.

time to adapt

It was amazing and embarrassing to see intelligent people, professors, and stupefied reporters and other “authorities”  babble on about how evolution might work to create the future human.  It was pure fraud when it was suggested that evolution was occurring in the human species today. Nothing presented was accurate or truthful; just story telling.  The question was asked of one specialist, “So what does the future hold for evolving people?”.  The answer was, “99.9% of all species have gone extinct since the world began.”  Hey, why get all up in arms about the fairy tale of evolution when we have no chance of surviving the future anyway?


I am so adamant about the issue because everything said was a make-believe.  The world will go on for countless generations.  We live in an age that started with a renewal through the intervention of God 2000 years ago.  The world will never end.  We may colonize the moon, Mars, at some point even Venus.  We may find ways to warp to other worlds that have life.  No other world will have Homo sapiens.  The Universe is ours.

God has chosen the heirs of all things, whether in life or in death, to inherit all things.



And as time flows on we will find no evolution.  We will find cures to disease, the longevity of life, solutions to poverty, equality for all people.  But we will not evolve unless it is to become better people.

The audience that watched this show may simply accept the evo-babble as the facts of life.  If they do as they have done, this generation will be held back from advancing in everything that is good and hopeful.  Our politics of political correctness, the economics of entitlement, and the slow demise of a belief in God will continue until this nation, no longer under God, will fall.


One more generation of the dark ages of Darwinism. How terribly sad!






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