About Blueprints For Living

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Our modern world is so bombarded with opinions from popular media, biased news reports, right and left wing agendas and those who are overly educated on poorly adopted “best guesses” that become fact. In the world of false religions and failed pseudoscience, we must step back and ask ourselves: “What is truth?” Furthermore, we must find the fortitude to care that truth matters.

I believe we can find truth with these simple requirements:


Honest inquiries

We must be open to asking honestly about the world around us.


Questioning authority

We must feel comfortable questioning authority.


Put pride aside

In order to reach to truth, we must put pride and prejudice aside.


Free Thought

We must think clearly and freely.


When these attitudes are ours, truth will rise like bubbles from the deep. I also believe that after going through this process, we will be better for it in most matters of decision making.

This attempt at presenting ideas and engaging in discussion is a synthesis of my life experiences.

It will not be a perfect appraisal of all issues but a rational exposé of both science and theology—as well as intelligent design, which bridges the two fields. I believe the value of my words lie in bringing new information to light, and I hope, presenting information in a way that will draw you in, stimulate your thinking, push you to question, to hope and in the end may help you live with a clear conscious with men and God.


The world is a wondrous place, and yet it is the remnant of a world that once existed in far greater splendor, which we can only imagine today.


Both science and theology tell us this is true, and that the planet has seen catastrophes the like of which Hollywood could not dream to capture. Yet even so, here we are still eeking out a living and wondering what it all means!

Perhaps the greatest aspiration for man lies in the hope that as our modern world continues to develop we will progress to become better people, in spite of phony religious ideologies and unbelievable scientific extrapolations.

The future to come will be determined, undaunted by our foolish pride and self-destructive ways, to bring about great discoveries in science and in theology that will supplant anything we have yet achieved in comprehension. The hope that we will recant and relinquish the foolish ideas we harbor today and instead re-discover the truth: that God is, that he is good and that he rewards those who diligently seek him.


In the months and years to come, I will make it my aim to present news and views in both science and theology.
I will strive to demonstrate what is already becoming a tsunami of rational thought – the idea that our scientific discoveries support the existence of a metaphysical prerogative… “There is a God and He is good!”


In short, we have purpose, we have never been alone in the universe and if we yield to truth and learn to love one another, we will find joy.

So, new friends, lend me your ear and I will be listening for you as well.

Feel free to comment on things you read.  I look forward to conversation.