Daniel Moran, Ph.D.

Kayak preparation at Devil’s Lake, Baraboo, WI


My name is Dan Moran.

I have been in industrial research for 30 years.  My first work however was in cancer research and nuclear pathology.  I began my Master’s degree at the same time in microbiology.  My career developed into industrial microbiology where I revived a 40 year old fermentation for antibiotic production into a powerhouse of efficiency using statistics, artificial intelligence programming, quality assurance training and analytical technologies.

After my PhD in cellular and molecular biology I worked in plant transformation centers, first in Canberra, AU, then in the USDA in Ames IA and finally with the Monsanto Company in WI.  There I expanded a small research team into a functional contract manufacturing division for producing pharmaceuticals in plants.  After this, I worked in research for SPL Pharma in Waunakee, WI; a small bulk drug manufacturer in Wisconsin. I am now Director of a small biotech firm in Madison, WI.

At the age of twelve, the church handed me a Bible. My problems began when I read it. The church did not recognize most of what was written.  Furthermore, National Geographic and the theology of the Bible did not mix. I tried theistic evolution, but that was a cheat in regards to both science and religion. I studied Catholicism, Baptist theology, Mormonism and then settled on a novel movement—the churches of Christ. I did not begin to resolve the conflicts between science and religion, or more correctly, scientists and theologians, until I was 30 years of age.  So much of science is not empirical but historical and based upon best guesses.   So much of religion is not Bible based but based on human traditions and hierarchical needs.

A book entitled “The Fall of Unbelief”, by Roger Dickenson (1982), opened my eyes for the first time to the possibility that it was not that science was right but rather that scientists who interpret the facts of science were wrong on the implications of what they had discovered. It was not that religion was opposed to science; it was that the theologians had already caved into the human interpretations of the facts of science; neglecting biblical history and the beliefs of Moses, Jesus, and the Apostle Paul.  Suddenly, it dawned on me that no one was being honest with facts, either of science or of theology.

And so began a 25-year study of theology (mostly the Bible for reasons I will disclose later) and of our sciences: cosmology, astronomy, biology, geology and much more. Over the years, I filled my library and my head with a non-traditional, exceptionally rational, but painfully massive amounts of information that endorsed, for me, the fact that science is good and God is alive.

I have come to some startling conclusions about religion, biology, God and His creation. You may enjoy some of these thoughts.  You might hate some of them.

This website is dedicated to my attempt at communicating what I and many others are finding out to be true about our existence.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Other Interests

I am an enthusiastic kayaker.

I moderately good bonsai artist.

I remodel homes for fun and landscape for recreation.

I like the forests and the oceans.  I have snorkeled with sharks on the Great Barrier Reef, climbed Ayer’s Rock in Austraila, hiked the Glacier National Park and the Grand Canyon.

I am no one special and a little bit of everyone in particular.   I do have a few thoughts that I want to pen before I go.