Born Without Instincts

A billion years of the evolution of instincts and humans have none?

Instinct or innate behavior is the inherent inclination of a living organism towards a particular complex behavior.  These behaviors are not learned behaviors but are genetically programmed.  For instance, when hatched, sea turtles head for the open ocean from the beach… this is a hard-wired behavior.  Salmon swim up freshwater streams where they were born after years in the oceans and there, they spawn and then die.  This is an instinct and we know little of how it is wired.  Birds know to nest without learning.  Bees are born with a dance language so that they can convey the location of flowers which they have discovered to the rest of the hive.

Humans, however, have no instincts. Nada. Nothing. Not one. Not even remnants of instincts. Interesting is it not? The most advanced species on the planet, having a supposed 4 billion year lineage, all of which survived by either chemical signals or in the case of animals, instincts and here we are; devoid of any such thing.  How can this be explained? 

Wild salmon are driven by instinct to return to the place of their birth. Regardless of how the figure out the pathway, they “know” the way by pure instinct.

All other animal life is born with essential instincts but are also able to learn from experience.  Humans are born to learn and are devoid of any instinctual behavior.  This creates quite a puzzle for evolutionists.  For humans, there is not a shred of evidence that our brain is hardwired for survival by instinctive behaviors. We do have reflexes though. Bright lights in the eye cause the pupil to dilate. Newborns turn their heads towards the breast when the nipple rubs against the cheek. Hold your hand on a hot object and signals from your spine will pull the hand away before you feel the pain in your brain…. these are all reflexes, not instincts.  Mothers love their babies. This is a taught behavior and not an instinct. Whether verbal or visual these clues to normal mothering are either accepted or rejected by the brain. Mothering is not hardwired. 

Instinct? Or learned animal behavior.

Sexual orientation in humans is not governed by instinct or reflex. It too is learned. This is the role of parenting. Boys that don’t bond to the male image are cognitively disoriented. Often this is due to an overbearing mother and or a weak father or experiences that teach and encourage abnormal psychology leading to a false identity.   A rare few never outgrow their disorder and lean towards homosexual behavior.  Those who do identify with the proper gender will become a masculine entity in an appropriate male body.  Even the sexual acts of humans, whether hetero or homosexual must be learned. We are hard-wired that way: to learn.  Sex is not instinctual in humans as it is in dogs and cats and rats.

Sexual orientation is a learned behavior. We have no instinctual behaviors. The false notion of being born incorrectly is based on the politics of victimhood, political correctness, and rebellion against authority, not science.

It is remarkable that to explain the aspects of our existence that make us fundamentally the “human organism,” evolution cannot explain why we have no instincts. It cannot explain speech or the acquisition of language. There is not any materialistic explanation for how we are conscious. The mind is a most grievous mystery to evolution.  These and nearly all of our unique animal qualities are ignored by evolution as though the human animal somehow subverted evolution altogether with no hint of any evidence of 4 billion years of evolutionary history.  How very curious!

The meme is funny. It is also a sad commentary on the baloney of evolutionary thought. Surely, after 4 billion years of neurobiology advancing life through instincts, humans ought to have at least one instinct to show for it. We have none.

In this regards, evolution is a weak, failed, and easily refuted hypothesis for explaining life on this world. It has been shown to be false countless times through molecular biology, homologies, the fossil record, and all of the hoopla over vestigial organs which is nonsense since every such organ has been shown many times over to have a functional purpose in the human animal.  Yet, the academic community will never yield to the light of day nor will they allow peer-reviewed publications to thwart the paradigm so deeply cherished by the high priests of academic fraud.

Not many care to study evidence. Most will make up their mind based upon a learned doctrine, be it God or Darwin. I admit that even if this is the case then may God be the preferred doctrine. It is certainly my choice since only sentient beings can find value in measuring of the rest of the physical world and this proves that mind is over matter, first and foremost. Any other solution is illogical, irrational and mythology.

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