We are minds in the making.


The world is the way it is for the reason that it was conceived to be so.  The rational mind cannot negate the facts concerning the reality of a universe that has all the appearance of being “called into existence.”  No kind of random, unintelligent event brings order into existence out of chaos or matter and energy into being from nothing.  These might be our best theories but they are certainly preposterous.  The fundamental structure of the universe cannot be explained by “randamonium”.  Atoms don’t just appear out of thin air let alone the vacuum of space and neither do entire, structured universes.  Gases don’t collapse to form stars and dust doesn’t coalesce to form planets.  Physics does not allow such nonsense to occur.  The rotation of everything from atomic particles to galactic walls cannot be explained by our math, chemistry or physics.


And here we are in the middle of it all… quite literally.  Our best probing of the visible universe indicates we are the center of the cosmos; we are not some insignificant blue dot circling an average star in the dust of space.  Essentially everything, living or nonliving, is a testimony to a divine creation.  No seductive evolutionary story can replace reality.  No humanistic philosophy can withstand the overwhelming evidence of the design, complexity and information content of things as basic as water to the sophistication of the human body with all of its various contrivances for managing life while we inhabit this organic suite of functional systems.

The world is the way it is for a reason.  No matter our secular pondering or our religious mischief, we are the product of something supreme and real; incredibly skilled and filled with all knowledge.  It is an embarrassment to the human race to attribute the world and all that is in it to some natural process when all the laws of the universe naturally oppose our existence.  It is a supreme prejudice to attribute anything that exists in the material world to a cosmic accident and science and reason forces the honest mind to the answer; we are here because we were conceived to be so.

Science has contrived metaphysical answers to explain natural phenomena.  Dark matter and dark energy, big bangs, chemical evolution, collisions of space debris, stardust and all this blather about being alone in the universe are in such need of a metaphysical foundation that we should be ashamed to teach otherwise… surely no one believes the silly myths of science?  I don’t.  I can’t.  I can see and hear and feel and reason and we are what we are because we were meant to be.  We are no accident.

Some revelations speak directly to these ideas.  Others are more nonsense than our sciences.  In the grand scheme of things, there is a plan that continues to unfold.  Religion failed to carry the plan beyond 70 AD.  No worries.  The plan continues regardless and for the very few who care and who get it, we are the continuation of a plan to bring the human race to a better place.  We are minds in the making.  No other scheme allows the development of sentient beings towards the epitome of existence; that is, love.  That is the point of all of this.  This one destiny carries the race to its destination, one generation after another.  The experience of love and its reward of joy cannot be achieved by any other means but what we experience here and now.

None of this would make sense if there were not a continuation of life after this body fails.  This makes the dream and the dreamer all the more tolerant to the foolishness of human denial; because we know that there is great reward, universal absolution, and ultimately an eternal existence.  Nothing else makes sense in light of what we know; if we are willing to admit to the facts.


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3 Responses to “We are minds in the making.”

  1. Michael Moran

    Great article. I appreciate you not holding back on this one. Always good to be reminded of how silly our world of science has become. The proof of a designer is so transparent, but average people default to believing they must not be smart enough to understand the complexities. “We must leave it to the experts”. All of a sudden we have a film of deceit over our eyes that makes the world seem a little stranger. Thanks.

    • Dr. Daniel Moran, Ph.D.

      Nice comment. sometimes one has to just verbalize reality though the humanist mind will reject all opinions not accompanied by proofs that they can ignore, except their own opinions… these are held to a higher standard in their own minds. So, sometimes, just say what is.

  2. Davy Moran

    Great pictures: I see one of Scotty with the backdrop of the mountains of Virginia, and the chimp is awesome, a true lampoon of self. As to the content, I like the idea of keeping it simple, of seeing what is, and recognizing that we are created, and this implies a Creator; even that the elements of the universe have always been and always will be, which even makes sense of a decaying creation, i.e., E=MC2. Interesting too, that we are but a moment of time, even if this moment, by deduction, or delusion, is infinite–a picture, a snapshot, being the most stable moment, now a captured memory, we can have.


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