New fossil proves that evolution forgot to evolve – again!

The more we find of fossil forms, the more evidence amasses that nothing has ever evolved.  A new article entitled, “Tiny new fossil helps rewrite crab evolution, sheds lights on late Jurassic marine world,” one more discovery that life forms have not changed is added to this list.  Ironically the title has nothing to do with the evidence. No rewrite of crab evolution.  No light shed on late Jurassic marine world.  Nothing learned except that nothing has evolved.

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The fossil is a tiny larval form of a crab of some sort.  After some useless blather about millions of years and crabs and evolution, the final thought reads,

“True crabs as a group are comparably young, starting to diversify only about 100 million years ago (mya), with a dramatic increase in species richness beginning approximately 50 mya — though the early evolution of crabs is still very incompletely known.

But since the evolution of crabs is incompletely known, what do we know of diversification richness occurring 50 mya?  This is snake oil for “we see lots of fossil crab forms in layers of rock 50 mya but we don’t know how they got there.”

One researcher had this to say, ” It’s amazing, but if we did not know this was a 150-million year old fossil, we might thing that it came from today’s ocean,” Dr. Martin said.  “This came as quite a surprise to all of s.”  Bt this is not surprising for those of us who read about the fossils found in every “geologic age” and in every place on the planet.  There are no intermediate life forms to be found.  Nothing has “evolved.” Onl in the mind of the conjuror does evolution have a playing field.


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And so it goes.  Great science is resisted for myth and magic.

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