The daddylongleg, the failure of evolution and Shakespeare.

Familiar with the “DaddyLongLeg”?  Also known as harvestmen these little bugs are not insects but arachnids like the spiders, mites, ticks, and scorpions.  The harvestmen are not true spiders.  They have no venomous glands and their



biting apparatus is not like those of the spider; these little guys can cut and swallow chunks of food.  Spiders suck food, which they have digested with their venom.  The harvestman has no silk or spinnerets.  They have a pair of eyes on their head, placed laterally or medially (top of head).  Spiders have four pair of eyes.  Some harvestmen are blind.   Their body plan is a fusion of the thorax, head and abdomen.  They also have stink glands that leak when they are threatened.

Fossil forms of this little guy have been found in Scotland and dated at 400 million years old.  Do you know how we know these fossils are

Harvestmen's medial eyes.

Harvestmen’s medial eyes.

harvestman?  They have not changed over time.  No evolution.  None!  A recent find in France was dated at 305 million years old.  Only it had more than most of the 8500 species of harvestmen do today; two pair of eyes.  Some critters have no eyes.   This bug had two pair of eyes; one

Spider eyes.

Spider eyes.

placed medially and one pair placed lateral.  National Geographic had to endorse evolution so they described the find saying, “Harvestman may have lost their eyes through evolution.”  This statement was made in-spite of the fact that an estimated 1500 species have yet to be catalogued!  In other words, we don’t yet know if there aren’t other harvestmen that have two pair of eyes.


Close up of digitized fossil harvestmen. Front in dark blue are the eyes.

Three-dimensional model of a harvestman of the Eupnoi group.

Three-dimensional model of a harvestman of the Eupnoi group.

Evolution has to be accountable for something so why not remove eyes.  So, get it straight.  It took millions of years to produce eyes but evolution overdid it and produced too many eyes.  Two pair of eyes were not needed as Evolution thought and nature selected against one pair.  By the way, all of the animals other features were intact, in place and ready to go 400 million years ago!

Where is evolution in this story?  What is the ancestor to the harvestman?  Why did it not evolve?  Something does not add up.  This is a fairytale of massive proportions.  Do you remember the series “Lost”.  Those poor survivors of flight 815 were caught in madness, a sort of limbo that would not end.  That is evolution, madness without end.

Lateral eyes.

Lateral eyes.

It remains a major feature of the fossil record that nearly all creatures living today have been found fossilized. So, everything living today must be a “living fossil.”  The billions of persons alive today must have had millions of intermediate forms in the distant past.  Even if there were only two persons alive, there must have been billions of intermediates from single cells to people.  But there are no transitional forms.  It is presumed that what lives today represents the hierarchy of what must have lived in the past to give rise through change over time to people, and harvestman.  This is just not true.  There are no missing links.  Those that are called links are highly disputed; this fact alone should have nullified evolution as credible.

A 165 million year old spider... the largest one ever found at 1 inch.

A 165 million year old spider… the largest one ever found at 1 inch.  Still looks like a spider.

The fossilization process was described for this arachnid, by one of the research team members, Russell Garwood.  The fossil’s preservation was in a nodule of iron carbonite.  He says this mineral precipitated out early in the history of the rock, around the remains of the animal.  This prevents the specimen from being crushed while the sediments continue to overlay to form rock in layers.  Then the animal rots away leaving the fossil impression.  While this sounds like a scientific story, it is a fairy tale.  No organic material lasts long enough for precipitates to form “early in the history of the rock.”  The fine details preserved of this fossil bug indicate a rapid burial in fine marine minerals of iron silt.  The organic body rots away and the minerals take the place of the space once filled by the animal.

100 million year (?) spider attacking a parasitic wasp. Nothing has changed.

100 million year (?) spider attacking (or defending itself) a parasitic wasp.  The spider is an orb-weaver and the wasp is no different from parasitic wasps of today.  Nothing has changed.

Imagine that a species could succeed for 400 million years unchanged.  By evolutionary terms the harvestman is the most successful creature on the planet.  It evolved from nowhere into a perfect organic machine with all of its parts so finely tuned that no further improvements could be made by mother nature; except to remove a pair of eyes.  No one knows how it got here.  No one knows why it did not evolve further.    There it was and here it is today without any recognizable difference; a living fossil.  A bug that time forgot.  The most perfectly adapted creature on the planet.  This should have made the news.

In the news: Harvestman receives accolades for successfully surviving longer than the dinosaurs: 400 million years.  The harvestman had this to say, "A good diet, plenty of exercise and layuing many eggs are responsbile for our success.  On behalf of all arachnids I humbly receive this award. Thank you."

In the news: Harvestman receives accolades for successfully surviving longer than the dinosaurs: 400 million years. The harvestman had this to say, “A good diet, plenty of exercise and laying many eggs are responsbile for our success. On behalf of all arachnids I humbly receive this award. Thank you.”

If a shred of any of this were true, evolutionary scientists would finally have a boast.  Not a sliver of doubt rises out of this strange breed of materialistic scientist.  Evolution is a fact and no matter what you find, evolution did it.  It adds and it takes away.  It moved forward, it moved backward, it moved sideways, it duplicates, converges, and diverges.  It borrows genes, builds information from nothing.  It will not be pinned down by rules, logic, or fundamental laws of any kind.  It works in secret.  Unseen over the ages, it brings about forms most wonderful without divulging its very secret mechanism.  It is a whimsical creator, an unfeeling destroyer, using death to refine the living.  It violates the known laws of physics, chemistry, biology, and earth science.  It is the very miracle worker we have long been calling God.  We did not know any better.

How very foolish!

The face of evolution:  Time's up!

The face of evolution, the Grimm Reaper and time’s up!

I am being facetious of course.  Evolution is such a failure and its devotees willingly blind to their own discoveries and the scientific meaning of what they discover.  An entire dictionary of terms has been developed to describe evolutionary mechanisms.  Most of these terms are not just counterintuitive but diametrically opposed to the fundamental process of evolution.  Each new strange feature that does not fit evolution is given a name and adds to the strange, bewildering array of things that evolution can do.  Nothing is impossible for evolution, except proving that it works.

We mourn the loss of a specie.  According to the belief in evolution, extinction is natural.  Why mourn?  The loss of one species simply opens up the niche for evolution to fill with another one.  Some evolutionary biologists believe that no specie is really lost.  The dodo bird could be reborn by evolution.  Another time and place should give rise to virtually any life form that has been lost to this world.  Why mourn?  After all, according to evolution it was the mass extinction events that give rise to greater diversity of life.  Mammals would not be here if not for the demise of the dinosaurs! Or so we are told.  Don’t worry, be happy.

Evolutionists see the layers of oceanic sediments that encase the remains of living beings and call these layers, extinction events.

Evolutionists see the layers of oceanic sediments that encase the remains of living beings and call these layers, extinction events.

Evolution is not true, however.  Even the evolutionary devotees would not leave to chance the opportunity for this process to substitute one species for another.  It is supposed to work this way but no one devoted to the process would dare leave the progress of the world to evolution. Any life form that does not make it, regardless of how it is terminated, isn’t fit for the world according to evolution.  While humans are blamed for the destruction of the world, at the same time we are told we are just naked apes.  Even our consciousness is questioned by the materialists.  If we really do not have a free will and are simply following our programming, let global warming occur.  It has happened in the past.  It will happen in the future.  Why blame any specie for the destruction of the world when these are the evolutionary facts?  If evolution is true, let it select for us or against us but don’t blame us. (I am once again being facetious).

After an extinction event, who buried all these bones in marine sediments?

After an extinction event.  How do asteroids bury all these bones in marine sediments?

Evolution is a farce.  Its ramifications are dark and dismal.  No good can come from a belief that materialism made us, cares for us, and will save us. If evolution could be described in poetry, Shakespeare would have already captured its essence.

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

To the last syllable of recorded time,

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more: it is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

3 Responses to “The daddylongleg, the failure of evolution and Shakespeare.”

  1. Mody Nader

    Dear Dan :
    No amount of proof can convince an insane idiot , you know why ? Because GOD blinded them , they cannot see , hear , or think …..they cannot even use any reason as they have none ….
    I feel pity for them , I feel disgust towards them , I hate an idiot who wants me to be an idiot ….
    But wait , they will pay for it , their blindness a part of the price and they will pay for every single lost soul because of their arrogance , prejudice and corruption of the spirit .
    So it was written
    So it shall be done.

  2. Mody Nader

    Dear Dan :
    I made a deep search in the net to find the function of the Neurenteric canal in the third week human embryo with no success , can you help me to find the answer ?
    I see in this canal alone , let aside the other miracles , a great miracle without which every embryo would have been lost…
    I have no proof for this ,,…only a firm belief that every single act in the creation of every human is a miracle .

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