We are Martians!

So now we are Martians! The desperate and nearly mindless fantasies of materialistic

Alien answers to earth's genesis?

Alien answers to life’s genesis?

science continues to draw on myths and make-believe to convince the public that the failed theory of biological evolution may still yet survive the death blows of reason and intelligent inquiry.  Steve Benner of the Westheimer Institute of Science and Technology of Gainesville, Florida recently presented his own strange evolutionary theory claiming that evidence exists that we are Martian and our molecular origins lie with Mars. What does he provide in terms of “growing evidence”?  Benner says that a desert and a few elements in the right concentration is sufficient to create a world of RNA molecules.

Life from an RNA world.

Life from an RNA world.

Years ago it was suggested that RNA, the intermediate messenger molecule between the genetic code of DNA and the functional “life-giving” molecules of protein, was the first self-replicating system to have formed in the prebiotic soup of the early earth.  Rather than deal with the obvious question to chemical evolution, “which came first the chicken or the egg?”, evolutionists decided that neither was necessary for life to spontaneously arise.  Rather than conclude that life requires an intelligent input of information, this RNA theory was adopted as a third option. Some RNA, similar to proteins, has some very minimal catalytic properties.  This being recognized, it was put forward that RNA could play both the role of being a genetic information molecule AND a functional

Which came first?

Which came first?

enzymatic molecule.  No need for chicken or egg.  But what was never dealt with and now is a major roadblock for chemical evolution is how to make, maintain and propagate the RNA world in an earthly environment of water!  RNA, even if it could be shown to spontaneously form a linear molecular arrangement of subunits of complex and

Mars... Home Sweet Home.

Mars… Home Sweet Home.

functional genetic information, is a frail molecule.  It falls apart under mild temperatures, exposure to light and decays rapidly even in liquid water. Choosing RNA as the principle self-replicating molecule to jump start life on earth is like choosing, not the chicken or the egg but the eggshell as though this answered the dilemma in chemical evolution’s fabled story.

Beaker explains the origin of life from the planet Mars.  Remember, he has a lab coat.

Beaker explains the origin of life from the planet Mars. Remember, he has a lab coat.

We are told in the  popular press, there’s a new chemical reason to think that the first life on earth began as molecular precursors elsewhere. It now seems that only on Mars were the right chemical elements – specifically boron, molybdenum and oxygen – all present at the right time to produce the RNA molecules widely thought to be the precursor to DNA and therefore life on earth.

Brenner says that we know the conditions of the surface of Mars some 3 billion years ago.  It was supposedly moist but not watery and had oxygen.  Somehow, RNA could have arisen there, been transported to earth and like a “cup-of-soup” kick started the molecular pool of biochemical molecules needed to create life.  He is quoted as saying, “The evidence seems to be building that we are actually all Martians; that life started on Mars and came to Earth on a rock…You have to decide either to give up on RNA, or say it formed somewhere other than Earth.”

It is an easy assessment to determine if Brenner has any legitimate scientific contribution.  He says we know what Mars was like 3 billion years ago.  He says there was oxygen there at a time when oxygen was not on earth.  He says Mars was moist but

One day we will go home to meet our maker!

One day we will go home to meet our maker!

not watery.  He says RNA can form spontaneously.  He says that life springs forth from virtually nothing just like soup is formed from a “cup-of-soup”; just add water!!  Yes we are Martians Steve.  Thanks for the incredibly well thought out scientific hypothesis.

In fact, Benner has not added anything to scientific knowledge except acknowledging the fact that life could not have developed by chemical means on this planet.  He offers no mechanism for life or for its precursors.  And yet this hypothesis is given so much credibility that he is willing to suggest that RNA production ” … could still be going on now, on Mars, I think.”

Science says, "just add water."

Science says, “just add water.”

No Steve, it isn’t happening anywhere except inside the cells of living organisms that were designed to make RNA.  There is no real chemical evidence that molybdenum and boron participate in assembling nucleic acids or that RNA can be formed in any other means other than by living cells.  Both of these elements are toxic to living systems. Just imagine

Materialistic scientists dedicated to saving Darwinism turn to superstition and call it sdence!

Materialistic scientists dedicated to saving Darwinism turn to superstition and call it science!  “I can see 3 billion years into the past.”

for a moment what we are being told (or sold), that the Martian planet has been invoked to help support RNA chemistry by reactions that are purely speculative to begin with.  Then suggesting that the RNA somehow got to this world, as fragile as RNA is, and seeded the oceans with molecules for the biochemical evolution of life to continue here.  Is this any more than just pure myth?  Belief in unknown chemical reactions taking place under unknown conditions 3 billion years ago that then somehow traveled by unknown means through thousands or millions of years in space only to land on the only aquatic world in the known universe and this to  kick started life?  I thought RNA was fragile?  I thought the water world of earth is destructive to RNA?  I thought science was based on evidence not delusional descriptions of unknown chemistries supported by impossible scenarios of imaginary dreaming?

Creativity in science can be useful when grounded in known laws of chemistry and biology. But when the vainest of imaginations are heard as reasonable to the scientific community based solely on its potential value in rescuing a theory like evolution from complete obsolescence, we must all recognize that a return to witchcraft by modern

Origins of the planet rest on incredibly creative science.

Origins of the life rest on incredibly creative science (fiction).

science is indicative of the desperate need to preserve a religious belief or superstition not worthy of credible support in any other way.  We are Martians!

And they call creationists crazy and a creator God a delusion?!


4 Responses to “We are Martians!”

  1. Koelsch

    How convenient that this claim could only be proven 3 billion years ago, since conditions are no longer what they’re claimed to have been. Once again, a lot of ‘claims’ with no proof.

    • Dr. Daniel Moran, Ph.D.

      yes…. it is all story telling… philosophical story telling.

  2. Larry

    I think This is just a version of Panspermia theory,
    First mentioned by greek philosopher Anaxagoras, in 5 B.C.
    Then of course Francis Crick, and Dawkins, now Benner.
    Just a story to cover for lack of any good evidence, for there failed Darwinian theory.

  3. jksea5

    Is there any way to get this to Benner? Just for kicks n giggles, I wanna hear his “science” to support his theory. Wait…science is based on observation. How much of Mars did Benner observe 3 billion years ago?


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