New Amazing Facts of Nature Prove Life Evolved (NOT)!

New discoveries in evolution!  Here are a gleaning of paleo discoveries that prove that the fossil record has no evidence that life has evolved.  Most of these finds prove life in the past was never primitive or underdeveloped.   Some remarks on these “discoveries” are unremarkable.

Earth shattering news- The hand of ancient humans was used in the same way as modern humans use their hands.


Another astounding fact: Insect sex was found to be identical in fossil forms to sex in insects of today.

Incredible discovery: ancient angiosperms, flowering plants, needed insects to successfully pollinate just like flowering trees of today.

Still more news: the ecosystems of ancient petrified forests were similar if not identical to those of today.

Amazing discovery: Birds of a feather flocked together in ancient times just as birds do today.


Unbelievable: dinosaurs lived in herds much like all other animals do today.

Stupendous discovery: Spiders found fossilized in amber are identical to spiders living today. And Daddy long legs were more complex 400 million years ago.



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