Oxygen makes evolution work?

Darwin had great doubts about the theory of evolution.  He said as much, pointing to several obvious realities that he could not address by the slow, methodical, random descent with modification program that evolution was supposed to follow.  The lack of intermediate life forms that should link all living things in a continuous spectrum of various intermediates haunted Darwin.  He said the same of the fossil record, noting how incomplete it was in providing proof for any kind of evolution.  The Cambrian layer of sedimentary rock held


Life in a Cambrian Sea

Life in a Cambrian Sea


what he believed to be the most ancient evidence of life forms. It plagued him too since it sprang up out of nowhere and many of its forms have never been found since.  Yet in that layer of rock were representatives of every phylum known today and more.  But, there were no ancestral forms leading up to the level of complexity that explodes in the assemblages found in the Cambrian rock.  For 3.5 billion years no multicellular life can be found in fossil form until suddenly, “kapow,” life as we know it exists.

All of the animals found in the Cambrian rock layer are marine.  No land


Darwin doubted...

Darwin doubted…


creatures are found there.  This may seem to support the idea that life arose in the sea.  Who would accept this idea when the most peculiar detail of the fossil record is that life arose in the sea from nowhere!  The statement is not found in texts or in peer-reviewed publications:  “Life arose from nowhere in the seas.”  Until there is an explanation for how evolution does this kind of mysterious and miraculous work, should not the theory be questioned?

In a recent book publication, Stephen Meyer deals with the great mystery in


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“Darwin’s Doubt.”  He details the findings in Cambrian and Precambrian sediments pointing out that the information content of the DNA molecule needed for such diverse and discontinuous organisms is so vast that Darwin’s form of evolution does nothing to explain the matter.  The rock layer like most of the geologic rock layers of sediments can be found in fragmentary form around the world, on every continent.  Its ubiquitous nature is suggestive of a catastrophic episode of global proportions that captured, killed and buried these animals in a conflagration of upheaval that boggles the mind.  This theory of catastrophism has more explanatory power than evolution and has been used repeatedly to explain the same phenomena found for at least 5 of the 10 major geologic strata.


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In response to Meyer’s work, evolutionary scientists have come up with interpretations and imaginations of earth history that cannot be verified and have no power to explain the strange finds in these rock layers.  For instance, a recent review paper in Nature [Nature 506, 307–315 (20 February 2014)], gives much support for the oxygen hypothesis of multicellular evolutionary development.  The idea that low oxygen levels of the early earth, for which there is


Great extinctions.

Great Extinctions.


a great debate could be credited with holding back the evolution of multicellular animals.  The suggestion is made that an explosion in oxygen concentration reached modern-day levels of 21% of the atmosphere just before the explosion in life forms occurred, giving us the Cambrian fauna.  Strangely, this idea does not account for body plans, the information content of DNA, lack of intermediate or any connecting assemblages in the fossil record.  Adding oxygen, like adding water, seems to be the panacea for evolutionary biology whenever


oxygen made things evolve

oxygen made things evolve


scientific facts demand intelligent design to intervene to account for life’s existence.  Having a lot of oxygen around explains next to nothing and maybe even less; it is anti-knowledge.  The creation of mythical abilities of water and oxygen to make a difference in the development of life forms has no place in science.  Somehow it will satisfy the materialists who need comfort from something, anything that will detract their attention to what is real.

The article reads: “The initial increase of O2 in the atmosphere, its delayed build-up in the ocean, its increase to near-modern levels in the sea and air two billion years later, and its cause-and-effect relationship with life are among the most compelling stories in Earth’s history.”

How is this so?  Oxygen has nothing to do with directing DNA synthesis or does it aid in creating information content, body plans, or epigenetic phenomena known to regulated embryo development. Oxygen simply allows larger life forms to exist providing they have specialized organic apparatus’ to perform gas exchange for distribution of oxygen throughout the body.  How can we credit oxygen with such miraculous novelty and ingenuity?


How did oxygen drive the evolution of one skull versus the other skull?

How did oxygen drive the evolution a skull of one type versus the other skull?

Like an angry child who has been ignored, evolutionary biologists will not let others play with their ball (biology) without making some feeble attempt at making rules so the game plays in their favor.  Neither oxygen, nor water, not the combination of methane, ammonia, and sunlight have any power in any combination to create or to develop life, only to sustain it.  The living forms on this


I make the rules or I am going home!

planet has been designed and the planet itself has been created to be a habitat to meet that design.  Dependency on materialism demands that elements, compounds, rocks, water, and heat perform wonders beyond reason to create complex, interdependent systems of organic and inorganic interaction.  This is a fairytale and belief in the fairytale is so universally accepted by academia and for such a long time that it is frightening.  For if well-studied and learned adults so gullibly ascend to such mythology in this modern world so endowed with the benefits of hard science, technology, information, mobility and communication devices, I despair for the human condition.


It is amazing that evolutionists get away with made up excuses to fill in the

Do you beleive in fairy tales?

Do you believe in fairy tales?

gaping holes in the theory.  When will scientists use science to discover what is real and what is not?  Some literally do not know the difference between a gold coin and a golden nugget.  They refuse to admit that the existence of a coin demands a designer.  To admit such would foil their independent and godless existence and this, I believe, is the only reason evolution has the hold on society as it does.

Evolutionists believe water gives life and now oxygen causes it to evolve.  Water and oxygen are the WD40 and duct tape of the biologist.

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