Starlight, Gravity, Redshifts and the Fifth Dimension – Part 1

milky way 7 I reflect on the night I discovered the Milky Way galaxy while lying atop of a great boulder in Utah with my brother, gazing at the sky above.  It was a summer of discovery for us as my Father took us on a 35-day camping trip around the United States.  We traveled from Pennsylvania to Montana, down through Wyoming, Utah, the Four Corners, the Grand Canyon, back up through the south of Tennessee and Kentucky returning home to Pittsburgh in the summer of 1970.


In the dark of the night sky was a swath of blaring light in a blur of blue and white.  It reached from one end heaven to the other.  Only the bolt of a falling star could interrupt our gaze as we lay awestruck by the amazing feature that we had NEVER witnessed before from our poor vantage in the little town of Springdale, PA.  As the night crept on, the massive streak dipped below the horizon in imperceptible moments until we fell asleep on the slowly cooling bed of rock beneath us.


I was 14 and later that year, in the fall or winter, I took hold of a book by Isaac Asimov.  Its title escapes me now but it was filled with facts about planets, stars, the size of the Universe that kindled a joy and pleasure in science that has not been quenched in 45 years.

clash of science:religion

Later in life, I discovered the discontinuity between the Christian theological worldview and modern science.  After college, I became skeptical of scientists but not of science; cautious of religion but not of the Bible.  Having determined that the fault did not lie with my ability to comprehend, I proved to myself that science had committed a grave mistake in excluding the metaphysical realities I held so dearly in the Bible.  While denominations, cults, and conservative independent churches were bent on institutionalizing free thought, thinking to do God a favor I suppose, science was no different, choosing mythologies over observation and adopting a religious almost cultic perspective in denying facts that ultimately would point to creation; a deliberate refutation of the Judeo-Christian teachings.


I say all this to bring us back to a presentation of a fairly recent explanation of cosmic origins that not only fit what is observed in the night sky but eliminates the myths of cosmological nonsense that has clouded progress in the field.  Scientists have rejected observable facts due to a predetermined rejection of any arguments from those facts that might be used to endorse design or validate our special place in the universe. The new physics, while it answers many obvious observational conundrums does so through a rational explanation of the cosmic origins, describing current characteristics of the structure and motion of the material world within a necessary reference to the creation account of Genesis.  Now, this is really, really cool!  Let me catch my breath….


birth of universe

Birth of the Universe


I will for now only introduce what will take at least 3 good posts to elaborate upon.  I believe this new math may be the best harmonization of theological-philosophical views of the creation backed by cosmological astrophysical data [or is it astrophysical cosmological data?  😉 ].  Though this harmonization was not in the least the intent of the new theory, it revealed that the reality of observations can be trusted when bias is rejected.  The results become astonishingly convincing that we have no reason, save for personal and delusional perspectives, to keep us from believing we are a special creation.  The very thought of this should excite anyone that has ever had an honest inquiry into who we are in the Universe and how we got here.


I hope you will enjoy.



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