The Complexity of Life: Evolution or Design? Part 6

Biological evolution is supported by myths.  The acceptance of evolution as fact is based on faith and some fantasy and cannot explain the essential requirements of what it proposes: the origin of life, the organization of life, and

The supposed tree of life.

The supposed tree of life.  Why is it only the branch tips have life… all intermediates are missing.

the complexity of life. The story, which continues to evolve, is that bacteria gave rise to protozoa, gave rise to sponges, gave rise to jellyfish, gave rise to flatworms, starfish, jawless fish, bony fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and then mankind.  Though there continues to be debate as to whether evolution actually goes from simple to complex the story sticks with us.  Some have tried to show how apes might be evolved from humans.  Others proposed that it was the female of the species that was the driving force behind our development to bipedal, upright, creatures and not the male as most would have us think.  No one can explain how evolution discovered sex or why our brains enlarged. Grandmothers are a real mystery to evolutionists though evolutionists are working on some neat little contrived stories as to why nature didn’t do away with grandmothers.  After all, once they lose their reproductive usefulness why do they hang around? The best explanation for grandmothers is that evolution figured that having another pair of maternal arms around gave the sexually fruitful daughter freedom to forage for more food, continue to reproduce and clean the caveman’s cave (this latter point is my joke).

Language is a problem of such complexity no evolutionist will strongly contend for any particular story as to how speech came about.  It has been called the hardest problem in science.[1]  There is no way to empirically show the development of language.  Theories, guesses, animal studies, and the necessary blending of psychological, developmental, and other behavioral studies shed no light on how language evolved.  The best we can do is understand how language diversified for this is the only empirical information available to us. We have seen the influence that Latin gave to the rise of German, Spanish, English, French and other western languages.  This does not help in explaining the origin of language.

Most evolutionists do not understand how it is that a bird must hear its own song first in order to sing it. After all, who taught the first bird the first song to sing?  Bird songs are not hardwired.  They are learned from one generation to another.  Nest building, on the other hand, is hardwired.  Birds can build simple nests like the straw bowl of the robin or colonies of condominiums with each dwelling attached to the next through homemade twine of hair, grass, and spider silk.  Some birds supposedly “evolved” the ability to make a nest from their own spit.  They literally build a nest out of the proteins from their salivary glands and create a cup against the side of cliffs… hundreds of feet above the ground below.  Imagine how natural selection solved this feat through time!  Some birds build floating nests while others build on islands they have made of stone.  How do we explain such behaviors?  Why do we not find a bird that does not know how to build a nest?

Condo bird nests

Condo bird nests


Coot’s nest – builds an island






Did you know your brain is the most complex chunk of matter in the universe?  The evolutionary story says it was because we started to eat meat that our ape-like brains began to grow.  Why?  How?  Did you know your brain has enough memory to record several billion lifetimes? Composed of 100 billion neurons, and 100 trillion connections, each is preprogrammed at conception.  It handles 100 million signals per second, only a few of which are permitted to enter the conscious mind at any one time.  With brains so complex and having such a storage capacity, it is as though we were made to live forever.  One scientist put it this way: “What a marvelous paradox this is!  The gift of consciousness is the basic phenomenon, which permits scientists to investigate the processes of nature and develop descriptions thereof, but they have no understanding of consciousness itself.  The machineries of consciousness are an almost perfect mystery.”


Life is far more complex than evolution would lead us to believe.  Consider organs of extreme perfection.  Think of the eye that makes sight possible. It can focus, control light intensity, has both black and white and color images, muscles for coordinated binocular vision, dust covers, self lubrication, a bony socket for a housing, a bug screen and built-in automated or manual mode brain control with the needed electronic technology to translate a photographic image into digital signals and convert it to graphics for safe keeping, instant replay, slow motion. Still more amazing the brain circuitry of vision memory allows us to predict from experience, images of future events.  When you think of the eye’s construction and physiology, do the words “natural selection” conjure up an explanation for this complexity or just empty mystical and unexplainable powers?  Evolutionary theory has nothing to offer in explaining or in proving the development of the eye, brain, or behavior of any animal.

Listen to the skeptical ravings of the anti-evolutionist Derek Hungh who wrote in his book Evolution: A case of stating the obvious:


Incredible complexity of the eye. See the many tiny muscles that open and close the pupil to let light in? This happens under a cornea – a lens that is completely transparent and has its own muscles that stretch and relax to allow the image to focus…. random acts of genetic mutation? I don’t think so!!

“…there must be a finite number of steps linking no eye to the human eye but the crucial question is how probable is even one favorable step towards the human eye given the apparently millions of possible mutations.  The end result of the hundred million mutations is a wonderfully coordinated system of muscles, lens, bone structures and computing and therefore each and every mutation must in some small way be a coordinated move in the right direction…I find it difficult to imagine even one step in the right direction never mind the hundred million which might be required.”  Hey, friends, if you’re going to be skeptical against evolution you might as well rave against it. I am all for skeptical ravings.

Diagram of eye anatomy

Diagram of eye

Did you know that human beings do not have a single instinct?  Maternal instinct is not a hard-wired device.  It does not fall into the category of instinct.  Why don’t humans have a single instinct left over from our 4 billion years of trying to survive?  Why would evolution be so stupid as to leave us “choice”?  Did you know the flight and fight response is not an instinct?  It is a reflex; very different from instinct.  An infant turns towards the nipple to suckle out of a nervous reflex. Suckling is not an instinct.  Put your pinky on the cheek of a newborn and the babe will turn to suckle your finger.  Also, your spinal cord will trigger a reflex before your brain knows your fingers are on fire… thank God we have a few devices hardwired.  But if we evolved from the beasts we have been cheated out of our claws, fangs,  fur coat, smell, sight and a myriad of other important features that other creatures have in order to survive.  How is it we are the most helpless little bubble of flesh and bone on the planet, with not a single remnant of our animal heritage to protect us?

Did you know that when blue whales mate a third partner is often needed to align the pair so copulation can be successful?  How did evolution figure this one out before all the whales drowned during mating attempts?  50 million years ago, so the story goes, hippo-like animals changed from four-footed land animals to whales.

Blue whale: largest animal to have lived.

Blue whale: largest animal to have lived.

All the changes needed for this to occur, loss of limbs, development of blowholes, baleen strainers in the mouth, underwater birth, streamline body plan, flippers, echolocation, GPS for seasonal migration, underwater communication, behavioral hierarchy in the formation of pods, delivery of live births by tail not head, blubber so thick that arctic temperatures do not penetrate the beasts, sleep by half brain intervals so conscious breathing is enabled and 10s of thousands of other modifications were required.  Not one of these changes can be documented either genetically or by fossil records – regardless of the stories that are told.


Metamorphosis – two organisms in one; literally!

Ever think about the metamorphosis of a butterfly larva (worm) into a butterfly?   After eating for a few weeks the newly hatched worm grows hundreds of times its original size, stops eating, spins a silk cocoon and every cell in its wormy body of a dozen legs and cutting mouth rearranges into a puss-like mass of cellular muck only to re-organize into a flying creature with 6 legs, a sucking proboscis, sex organs and a radiant beauty only matched by flowers.  Do you think evolution had anything to do with the life of this creature?  What does evolution offer for these facts? NOTHING!!

Complexity.  Life is filled with complexity.  Life is complex.  Life is a plan, a blueprint.  The reading of that blueprint is with precision.  The precision must be accurate.  Accuracy is predefined as is precision in the blueprint.  From the moment of conception, the plan unfolds that result, among other things, in the 100 trillion nervous cellular connections from 100 billion cells that result in your brain.  How did evolution do this?  “One step at a time” explains nothing.  “Nature selected,” explains nothing.  “Chance, time and probability” explain nothing.   Evolution is a failed hypothesis. An embarrassment for serious scientists.

Why would anyone talk about evolution as though it explained anything?  It doesn’t.  However, faith in evolution explains everything.  Hmmmmmm!  Wait a minute.  Faith in God explains everything too.

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