The Pseudoscience of … science!

The world is fascinating, science, not so much.  Science as we know it has become a giant human fraud in many areas of study.  Cosmology invokes inflaton particles that are able to expand the big bang with perfect uniformity at hundreds of times the speed of light and then vanish away without a trace.  Dark matter and dark energies permeate to fill the void of space accounting for 95% of all matter, and holding the universe together, except no one can see it, feel, touch or detect it.

Astronomy invokes space collisions of comets, planets, solar systems, moons and galaxies to explain the unexplainable with such frequency that such statistically rare events become humdrum in this miraculous universe.  Stars form from an inverse of the laws of physics as gases decide on their own to concentrate instead of expanding in the vacuum of space.  A whole school of “science” is devoted to studying astrobiology, life on other worlds.  Problem? You bet!  Life does not exist on other worlds.  It is a degree in make belief.

And Evolution?  Well, scientists know this much: we know it happens we just don’t know how and it only happens when no one is looking.  Boy howdy!  That’s convenient.


In close to 200 years of searching, we have not found credible evidence that sedimentary rocks formed over millions of years.  In fact, if this were true, wouldn’t there be evidence of this occurring today? Wouldn’t we be able to drill somewhere, anywhere and find sedimentary rock forming with striations of sandstone, gravel bedding, silt and clay stone in at least some form of concretion?  And wouldn’t we find evidence of fossilization occurring on a vast scale or maybe just a rare but reasonably detectable event?  Nothing!

More and more it is becoming obvious to anyone who cares that the kinds of things we find in sedimentary rock and, for that matter, sitting on top of the ground, is conclusive evidence that the paradigm of an ancient world, slow sedimentation, the process of fossilization, and the putative idea of uniformitarianism are just not true.  The list is clear: dinosaur bones that never rot.  Skulls of supposedly 100 million-year-old animals lying on top of the soil surface in pristine condition.  Blood in bone marrow, pigments in fossil skin, mummified dinosaurs, real ink from a fossil squid, are just a few of the pieces of evidence that like the black swan effect should have demolished “old earth” and evolution in a single blow.  Yet the paradigm refuses to shift.

Once thought to be bison skull, this duckbill skull lay on open tundra of the Alaskan wilderness… unfossilized. Did it lay there for 65 million years?


For nearly 30 years frozen forests supposedly 45 to 50 million years old have been uncovered in the Arctic regions of Canada.  In fact, hundreds of ancient forests have been found “mummified” around the world.  What has been discovered are forests of trees over 150 feet high that might have been a thousand years old standing over leaf litter, twigs, branches, and bark.  These forests are not petrified.  They are still made of wood.  Scientists were able to collect, saw and burn the wood as though the trees had fallen last year.



Just a few locations in the Arctic where ‘ancient’ forests, millions of years old, have been found frozen in time… no degradation, no fossilization.





Giant logs, gnarled stumps, mats of leaves found just halfway buried where loggers had just finished cutting down living trees.   Giant redwoods stood in dense forests now well preserved.  The scientists are curious about how such preservation could occur but their interest remains in the ancient ecology and how climate change must have been responsible for the forest’s demise.  One researcher said this: “Each layer is a forest that developed, lived for many centuries and was overtaken by floods of sediments that killed the roots,” he says. “They must have been killed off relatively quickly for the roots not to decay and buried deeply enough to exclude oxygen but not so deeply as to turn them into coal. That process repeated and repeated itself over several hundreds of thousands of years.”  How can anyone buy this scenario?  Why isn’t this kind of local catastrophe doing the same to forests today?  How did the wood stay preserved over tens of millions of years?  Wood like any other organic will disintegrate over time.  Stumps were dug to a depth of three feet revealing redwoods with trunks 6 feet in diameter and … no decay.  None… ?




There are more questions than answers and only mythical stories are used to explain what must have taken place to preserve such forests.  Even if the Arctic was warmer than it is now, how did trees grow so well, so enormous, so lush with only 5 months of light in the years?  How was the soil preserved as well?

Twelve frozen forests have been found in Arctic.  One on Ellesmere Island contained four species of trees.  It was supposedly buried in an avalanche 2 and then 8 million years ago; perfectly preserved. What kind of avalanche buries anything in situ to a depth so great it is perfectly preserved? The wood has not degraded in the least.  The big interest at this time; what effect did climate change (the current buzz word for seeking grants) have on these trees? Seriously?  The trees didn’t record some slow methodical change in climate… they are the record of a collapse of an entire world in a very brief moment of time.  Hours, days, weeks, months but not thousands of years of climate change.

A forest buried under hundreds of meters of sediment. A single wave or global flood?


In the Ekati diamond mine of Canada’s northwest, a 50 million-year-old tree stump was found preserved in solid magma.  The tree was found 315 meters (1000 feet) below the Earth’s surface.  It makes little sense how hot magma did not burn the tree or why the tree did not turn to dust over the years but this puzzles no one in the particular science of plant paleontology.


Not the actual stump found in lava.


There are other amazing discoveries all pointing to the reality of catastrophic flooding on a global scale and rapid climate change that altered the world as it once was.   From fossil forests all over the world to the fossil bone graveyards of 10s of thousands of animals embedded in solid rock high on mountain tops; none of what we find makes logical sense without an appeal to global flooding occurring not so very long ago.  Anything else makes the reality of our scientific facts mythological and just storytelling.  Scientists should not have to “believe” in their stories but rather come to grips with the meaning of their discoveries.  This will not happen soon but it will happen.  Otherwise, we are doomed to ignorance for generations to come.


How did that happen?  Polystrate fossil… a tree jutting through millions of years of sediment?  Nah… I don’t “believe” that.



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