TURTLE Evolution continues to explain everything.

Turtle fossil found recently in Poland prove turtles lived and died.

Fossil of large dinosaur looks like a dragon.  This explains why Chinese believe dragons existed.

Scientists prove snakes lived with the dinosaurs.

Oldest turtle fossil found in Poland believed to be 150 million years old. Explains where turtles come from. Scientist believes that turtles must have reproduced after their kind so that all turtles living today must have come from turtles that once lived earlier.

Scientists believe turtles lived in their shells much earlier than thought. (what?)

Turtles use muscle power to breath.

Months of work to free a fossilized turtle from rock reveals the animal died alongside sharks and salamanders and explains the evolution of swimming in turtles.  “Now we know for sure that there were aquatic turtles in the Jurassic period, around 164 million years ago. This discovery also demonstrates that turtles were more ecologically diverse early in their history than had been suspected before.”

How turtles got their shells: Fossil of extinct South African reptile provides clues

“The turtle shell is a complex structure whose initial transformations started over 260 million years ago in the Permian period,” says Tyler Lyson of Yale University and the Smithsonian. “Like other complex structures, the shell evolved over millions of years and was gradually modified into its present-day shape.”

How the zebra got its stripes

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