The walking dead!

Some spectacular fossils are being found in rock layers thought to be 410 million years old. Arachnids are a group of animals possessing multiple legs, an exoskeleton, and include spiders, ticks, and scorpions. Chert sediment from the Devonian period preserves minute details of many of the organisms it captures. Silica-laden water floods an ecosystem and virtually freezes the life forms in place. The results are so spectacular that individual cells making up the anatomy of book-lungs and leaf stomata are clearly preserved at the microscopic level. One particular find was scanned into a 3-D computer program as rock slices were made of the fossil. The re-creation of the exoskeleton of the animal allowed animation algorithms to duplicate the movement of the spider-like animal. The structure of the appendages and body plan is virtually identical to modern spiders with the exception of the lack of spinnerets.

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A video of the trigonotarbid can be seen at: Video:

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Cleverly published as “The Walking Dead” in the Journal of Paleontology, much celebration is made on the recovery of this find and the exceptional technology used to re-animate its movement. [see: R. Garwood and J. Dunlop. The walking dead: blender as a tool for paleontologists with a case study on extinct arachnids. Journal of Paleontology, 2014].


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While the particular order of arachnid for this animal appears entirely extinct at this point in our research, the movement, structure, and general body design are very typical of known arachnids. Amazingly, no researcher admitted that the research provided empirical evidence that arachnids have not changed in over 400 million years. They appear out of nowhere in full form, are buried for 400 million years in sedimentary rock layers, disappear from rock layers for another 200 million years and are now creeping around everywhere today; in the water, trees, and land. They walked and moved exactly the way they walk and move today. Somehow, in a mere 200 million years, (around 650 million years ago) natural forces took Cambrian animals and modified them into spiders (at 410 million years ago) that have not changed in 400 million years.

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How this fact is missed by educated scientists is a phenomenon typical of most evolutionary reports.   It is unfortunate, as this kind of analysis is very valuable in developing alternate theories to life’s beginning and development. Somehow the fossil record does not support the evolution of any species. The rocks are a snapshot of what was killed and quickly buried for preservation and this always calls for flood conditions of global proportions. Each sedimentary rock layer captures a unique repertoire of life forms, most of which are familiar to us today. Many of which are now extinct, indicating the diversity of life was much higher in the past than it is today.
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Evolution is failing to show gradations of living beings leading up to what we already know of living forms today.  Evolution cannot account for the presence of other life forms which fall into distinctly unique forms but are now extinct.

Most scientific research is blinded by the paradigm. Cosmology is lost because the big bang, built on Hubble’s atheism, will not be questioned. Geology is lost because plate tectonics was adopted before any scientific inquiry was applied. Biology is lost because a mystical process called evolution promised to show us how life formed and diversified but it has not. Yet, scientists propagate the deceit.

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It would be better to admit failure than to prop up the straw man of evolution. He is brainless, thoughtless and not much more than a scarecrow to those who doubt his wisdom but fear to pull him off the prop and expose him for what he is, a decoy to the truth. The study of dead things has not helped to answer the big question – how did we get here? No one gets it, least of all science; a misnomer that has more in common with mysticism than knowledge. What can be known from the fossil record is that the world has suffered at least one if not many catastrophic global inundations of water in the past and this flood or floods has left us the buried remnants of a world that once was and is no more.

Oh, the simplicity of scientific observation.

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