Water, water everywhere! Even in the depths of the Earth.

There are many indications that the universe has not always existed.  It is not eternal. It was once thought to be so by ancient Greek philosophers and early 20th Century scientists.  Matter, space and time were once considered eternal elements of the cosmos but mid-20th Century science has dispelled this myth.   The entire cosmos had a starting point and for practical purposes, Earth is the point of origin.  Though this fact is denied by atheistic secular scientists like Edwin Hubble, the father of our current cosmology, this fact cannot be changed; only denied.   Nevertheless, many discoveries concerning both cosmology, i.e., the study of the origin of the universe, and astronomy, the study of the existing universe, prove all too clearly that a beginning to time, space and matter exists.


Without going into details, such facts as the existence of the redshift of starlight prove the Universe is expanding.  Luminous objects like stars and galaxies emit light from great distances that is altered due to recessional velocities; the speed at which the light emitting star is moving away from Earth.  In order to be expanding, the matter in the universe must have been much closer in the past.  At some point, all matter must converge on a starting point in space.  In fact, that point is Earth.   Other discoveries yield other facts that support this idea.  It was suggested by Hubble that all matter must be homogeneously distributed in the universe.  This is not the case.  Stars are huddled into galaxies and galaxies huddle into clusters and clusters huddle into superclusters and clusters demonstrate concentric rings of walls of galaxies.  Each wall is separated by an estimated 100 million light years of empty space.   And, a most underplayed fact is that these concentric rings emanate from a center point called, you guessed it, Earth.

rings1 (1)

Though this kind of data confirms the uniqueness of our position in the universe and immediately suggests the existence of a much higher order of conscious involvement in the big scheme of things, secular humanism has hijacked science and exists, in part, to work in denial of these realities.  Much like the theory of evolution, which we have shown through many proofs is easily deniable to the point of being preposterous, remains the paradigm for the biological sciences, cosmology and its associated fraud astronomy refuse to engage the facts of science leaving us ignorant of reality.  In many cases, when facts are undeniably pointing to a creator, these sciences become quite creative, inventing myths of their own to replace what can be known about God.  After all, the only other feasible hypothesis is the ”God hypothesis” and this is clearly anathema to mankind’s thinking.   Geology, oceanography, paleontology, even climatology chase down material ideas for every phenomenon disregarding the obvious and claiming to be wise, invent theories that simply do not explain the facts.



For instance, continental drift is an idea that at first seems intuitive.  The continents appear to form a puzzle of sorts and when pushed together, across the Atlantic Ocean, suggest a supercontinent that once existed but has since been fragmented and those fragments have drifted apart.  The fit of each puzzle piece is forced and not at all “convenient.”  The idea that over billions of years these continents drifted away to their current position by the mechanism of seafloor spreading is indeed, seductive reasoning.  However, the proof is lacking and many tests of the hypothesis fail miserably.  One must accept this “science” on faith since drifting continents are said to take billions of years.


Another example of scientific mythology is the explanation of the existence of the moon.  Our moon is locked into a 28-day rotating cycle of its own.  Interestingly it takes 28 days to circle the earth.  Since its center of rotation is exactly the same as its rotation around the earth, we can never see the backside of the moon… unless we do so in a spaceship.   It seems a very amazing phenomenon given all the happenstance of the universe that partnership could not have occurred by chance.  Yet, the myth of planetary collisions has been propagated to support the idea that the Earth’s moon is a remnant of a planet-sized collision with the Earth.  The result is supposed to be the formation of the moon that is now in synchronous rotation with the Earth.  There are many facts that make this theory pure fantasy such as the differences in the elemental composition of the two heavenly bodies.  Nevertheless, this theory rules and even a name for the unknown planet has been invented.  It is called Theia


So, when it comes to the theories of planet formation we must, as usual, approach these with caution and look for the frauds that are created for the purpose of deliberately ignoring facts to remove the “Deliberate” from the equation.  [Deliberate: synonyms:          intentional, calculated, conscious, intended, planned, studied, knowing, willful, purposeful, purposive, premeditated, and preplanned].

Consider the planet Earth if you will.  Accounts reveal that the planet was the deliberate intention of a super powerful intellect who purposed it for the habitation of beings that were made in his image.  Water, air, land, plants, and animals were part of the created order and supplied with a self-replicating couple that had in themselves the ability to replicate in a way that would successfully supplant the forces of nature making their kind to become the domineering species on the planet – an imitation of the Divine.  And so, in fact, it is just as described.



One account relates how the creative force made the Earth out of water and by means of water.  This is fascinating since the Earth is the only one of all the planets that is covered by water.  To date, of the thousand or so planets circling other stars in this galaxy, exactly none can be confirmed to hold water.   Was the prophetic word just doing a best guess about water seeing that it falls from the sky, rushes off mountains, bubbles up from the ground and rushes to the sea which covers two-thirds of the Earth’s surface?

Consider further the current secular and atheistic description of the Earth’s birth.  It requires that our sun must have died at least once and more likely twice to have created the heavy elements so required by this planet and its life forms.  This means the sun must have formed once from hydrogen gas that by collapsing by forces and by means unknown to us 12 billion years ago formed a burning ball, ignited by nuclear fusion.  Then it burned for billions of years and exploded by supernova activity creating some of the heavy elements.  Then it reformed and burned for billions of years then exploded again and then reformed to become our current Sun.  The debris field of elements shed from these explosions coalesced against all odds and all known laws of the universe to form planets, which circle the sun in a near perfect plane (for some unknown reason).   The earth then is described as having formed from dust (what kind of dust?), debris (what does this mean coming from an exploding star?), and elements that somehow packed together by a gravitational force unknown in the universe to form a ball.  That ball grew bigger and somehow began to spin on a tilted axis.  It cooled.  Was filled with water from some more accidents of space debris floating by and finally gave rise to life in the oceans that evolved somehow by mechanisms unknown to us today and, well, here we are.  Walla!!




A very interesting hypothesis has been jostled around for decades, advanced to account for the abundance of water on the planet.  If the early earth were a hot molten rock 4 billion years ago, how did it get to be so wet?  Since all things possible seem to come from outer space,  water was also added to the list of space junk.  Comets are just that, chunks of frozen muddy water.  What if we suppose that billions of comets were attracted to the earth by some unknown source, preferentially showering it with enough water to account for the miles of deep ocean we now enjoy on the planet?  Enough said.  No explanation as to why the moon, Mars, Venus, and all of the other moons and planets are devoid of water.  Earth was just, well, luckier.


For a century now we have thought that our planet’s construction was fairly simple.  A molten iron core that circulates under the influence of our planetary spin creates things like magnetic fields around the planet.  This is detectable by such things as compasses and at times is visible as the solar winds carry atomic particles across the poles only to have the magnetosphere interact and induce ionization of atmospheric gases; an event we know as the Aurora borealis.  Sitting on top of the core is the mantle.  Not quite molten but hot enough to flow like a thick plastic.  The thinnest and most brittle of the layers of the earth is the crust.  The oceans sit on top of the crust and we build houses on the surface exposed to the atmosphere.  Only 18 miles thick on average it is believed to have a base of granite, a dense igneous rock type that floats on the plastic mantle.  It is the mantle’s interface with the crust called the Moho, a plastic mobile force that yields to convection currents rising from the deep that accounts for continental drift; or so we hypothesize.

Manitoba, Canada --- Aurora Borealis in Manitoba --- Image by © Daniel J. Cox/Corbis

Manitoba, Canada — Aurora Borealis in Manitoba — Image by © Daniel J. Cox/Corbis

Now, as fascinating as all this is we have no direct evidence that any of it is true.  For all we know the earth is a hollow ball with a center devoid of any substance since the direction of gravity is not necessarily directed “down” to the Earth’s center.  We gather our data from indirect evidence.  This also explains why we continue to make new observations that both deny and sometimes support our Earth geology through the years.

Fascinatingly, a current study of the Earth’s interior based on data accumulated from earthquake sensors has suggested radically new information that is surprising everyone who has an interest in this kind of science.  There is a transition zone in the upper mantle that slows earthquake vibrations down much like a dampening in water.   In the spring of 2014, an announcement came out saying that an ocean three times the volume of the current oceans lay 400-600 miles below the surface of the planet, embedded in a form of mineral as hydroxide and hydrogen; the fundamental composition of water.  The mineral called ringwoodite is the same mineral olivine but under pressure.  It is supposed to hold up to 1.5% water in a non-aqueous form.   Ringwoodite was only known from tiny fragments found in meteorites in the past.  These were produced from the energy absorbed by other minerals when the meteor struck the earth.  Only recently has a diamond, believed to have risen from these great depths of the earth by lava plumes, yielded a microscopic spec of the supposed ringwoodite mineral.



Current thinking suggests that the only way to account for water in any form at such depth and pressures is to mineralize it; hence ringwoodite. Whether it exists or not is the best alternative for this scenario – for now.   We are told that we don’t actually have oceans of water sloshing around inside the planet.  Rather, hydroxide and hydrogen are impregnated into a special mineral complex that, if exposed to the surface pressure should reassemble into water; according to theory.



How did water get to the primitive earth?  No one has a good hypothesis for this.  It has been repeatedly suggested that this storehouse of water created the oceans that we have today.  Further speculation suggests that the unproven mechanisms involved in continental drift may circulate the ocean waters into the interior of the planet through subduction at the continental boundaries.  This subduction drives the water in muck and mud and silt down into the planet some 400 miles only to have it surface again at the continental ridges where seafloor spreading is presumed to take place.

hqdefault (1)

Several reports say that scientists have been searching for this missing water for some time now.  I have never heard a peep about such speculations in over 40 years of studying geology and oceanography.  But then again those who report such scientific discoveries also claim that our discovery of this ocean of water (as though it indeed is sloshing around down there) is a much-needed relief to the planet considering last year’s drought conditions.  As though knowing water is 400 miles below us helps us water our gardens!  But I digress.

manmade ringwoodite.

manmade ringwoodite.

The take-home message from me is this: we do not know very much about our planet or our moon or our Sun or our universe.  Our theories are mostly fantasy and in many cases cannot be tested.  I think the revision of science is exciting, like the possible discovery of hidden water in the great deep reserves of the Earth.    To me, such discovery is an evidence that supports the God hypothesis; the one hypothesis that is more reasonable than a purely materialistic approach to study.  If there are oceans below us, then comes evidence that what was said so long ago proves all the truer today; the world was indeed made from water and by water.  It has been revealed that the deepest waters of the earth are to be found below ground from which the world that once existed was deluged with water and perished.  By the bursting of the fountains of the great deep water flooded the Earth.  The valleys sank and the land rose and the water rushed off to form again the dry land.  This is a fact of earth geology and evidence is abundant concerning the flooded planet, the rising of the land and the increased depth of the seas.  The Bible also asserts that God formed the world out of water and created it by means of water.  Seems we have much credible evidence in this regards.  Coincidence?  Think about it!

Genesis 7:11 In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on that day all the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the windows of the heavens were opened.

Psalm 33:7 He gathers the waters of the sea as a heap; he puts the deeps in storehouses.

Proverbs 8:27-29

27 When he established the heavens, I was there;

when he drew a circle on the face of the deep,

28 when he made firm the skies above,

when he established the fountains of the deep,

29 when he assigned to the sea its limit,

so that the waters might not transgress his command,

when he marked out the foundations of the earth,

We just do not know either what lies below or if ringwoodite exists beyond microscopic particles.  What we can know is far more abundantly clear if we would accept the facts and then look for the proof.  What we cannot know should be even more abundantly clear to us.  I think for this reason we have a record of such things that describe the creation order, the plan for mankind, the flood events, and the culmination of the ages, that is “Christ in you the hope of glory.”  I will not hang my hat on the myths of men nor his vain philosophies.  This life, my life is far more important than appearing to be wise.  Rather, the value in living right and doing right is far more rewarding to me and with it the hope and earnest expectation of life everlasting afterward motivates me to discern what is good, true and worthy.

Make your faith a substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.

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