A thorough comparison of the fundamental belief systems of evolutionists and creationists reveals the two philosophical positions are diametrically opposite one another in every respect.  Compare their foundational beliefs:


world views 2

Evolution                                                          Creation

Universe from nothing            Universe from God

World made from fire                  World made from water

World billions of years old      World made 1000s of year ago

First human – woman           First human – man

Sun formed before the Earth       Earth before the Sun

Man-made in image of ape        Man made in the image of God

Humanity a freak accident        Humanity a purposeful creation

All design only an illusion    Design had a designer

Humanity has no purpose     Humanity has a purpose

Marriage is a human conception     Marriage is God’s conception

Children are animals            Children are gifts from God

Human embryos are only tissue         Human embryos are people

Killing is in mankind’s genes              Killing is not normal

Morality is relative                          Morality is absolute

Death is our creator                       Life is our creator

Destiny is extinction                        Destiny is eternal life

It is completely amazing how very opposite these two worldviews are from one another.  They are so opposed to each other in every aspect of origins, current world philosophy, and perspective of future expectations it cannot be simply coincidental.  Can it?

eat survive

Why is this,  that the exclusion of God from human thought results in aimless, thoughtless, futile living?  Science, history, politics, society, and economics built on secularism result in devaluing human life, re-writing history to cover our faults, the development of leadership that dangle our rights before us but allow all our flaws excuses, and economics based upon survival of the richest.

worlds without end



When these things have a Divine foundation, science helps humanity with medicine, cures, and compassion. It gives hope to human living.  Our history is filled with both awful deeds AND magnificent achievements and we admit both in order to develop into better people.  Politics become a means to protect, provide and to lift society in a collaborative and compromising way.  The common good becomes the aim of political community.


Religion vs Truth

Religion vs Truth

Secular humanism leaves us empty, vile, and vulgar animals seeking only transient pleasures as we wait out our days under the sun.  We can’t agree. We will not compromise.  We seek only our own good. But godliness fills us with hope, compassion, purpose and the pursuit for the good of other people.  We learn to live for the common good, making self-sacrifice the aim of daily existence; filling our hours waiting for the departure for a world of eternal joy.


End of the Universe: Do we have purpose.

End of the Universe: Do we have purpose?

One of these positions is true and one of them is false.  We cannot walk the fence.  We cannot linger between the two positions.  We cannot put off the decision.


Education yourself.

Educate yourself.

It is not about truth and science, providing we believe what we see and know intuitively.  It is not about religion and truth for they do not live in harmony and never will.  It is about understanding the expectations of the Creator and allowing the truth of science to reveal what we already know.  We are His creation.  We are special.  We have a future and it is ours for the choosing.





There are only two possibilities.  Either we are designed for a purpose or we are a chemical accident.  In the one instance, morality is real.  It does not change and it has consequences to living.  In the other instance morality is an abstract concept; an artificial device that may have only temporary meaning. Of the two possibilities, the foundations for each must have some credibility to reality.  No one can prove that God exists.  He no longer speaks to the world through prophets and miracles have ceased.  They had their purpose in validating his will.  No one can prove we are the product of blind chance. Such a belief actually betrays reality.   Chemistry just doesn’t happen to give rise to life and we have already proven this to be the case.

Decisions need to be made and one way or the other faith will be the major deciding factor.  While some decide for personal reasons, the rational mind sees the facts and must appeal to reason in order to support the choice.  The choice will ultimately be derived from faith in those facts.  Is faith in the molecules to man idea reasonable? Is there any evidence? Is faith in a designer more reasonable? Is there evidence? The roadblocks to clear thinking traditional religion which over the centuries has repeatedly failed humanity and the bias towards naturalism, which promises freedom from religion or excuses responsibility to a higher lordship.   Somewhere in the study of what can be known and a better understanding of what has been revealed, there lies a truth that, for many like myself, competes well with any other understanding.  It explains the material world through our hard sciences and reveals the purpose and the design that could only have occurred through a metaphysical world.   It is salvation from vain philosophies and delusions that develop from ignorant humanity.  It is the salvation of the mind and soul from an empty existence and assures us of our completeness.  It has the power to unite us in faith, hope, and love.  It fulfills our sanity here and gives hope for eternity.

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